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University Courses

Course Name Qualification
Agriculture (D401) 3FT Hon BSc
Agriculture (D402) 2FT Fdg FdSc
Arboriculture (D514) 3FT Hon BSc
Arboriculture (D518) 2FT Fdg FdSc
Garden Design (K300) 2FT Fdg FdA
Garden Design (Top-up) (K301) 1FT Hon BA
Horticulture (D451) 2FT Fdg FdSc
Horticulture (Top up) (D400) 1FT Hon BSc
Landbased Machinery Management and Logistics (HN32) 2FT Fdg FdSc
Landscape Management (K320) 3FT Hon BA
Landscape Management (K321) 2FT Fdg FdA
Machinery Management and Logistics (Top-up) (HN3F) 1FT Hon BSc
Sportsturf (D449) 2FT Fdg FdSc
Sportsturf and Golf Course Management (KN38) 2FT Fdg FdSc
Turfgrass Science (D444) 3FT Hon BSc