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Psychometric Profiling

Some of our clients will use Psychometric tests to assess the personalities of potential employees. They help employers to decide if the person and the job fit together. Unlike aptitude tests, there are no 'right' and 'wrong' answers.

They are structured personality questionnaires which require you to respond to a number of questions or statements. Your responses give an indication of such things as your attitudes to work, your ability to get on with others, your motivation, your determination, your perseverance, your social skills, and your preferred working styles.

Selectors usually look for a pattern of replies which match the characteristics considered most suitable for a particular job. Some advisers suggest therefore that, before you do the test, you should try to identify the personality traits that would impress the employer and enable you to do the job well.

The following skills are rated highly by most employers: Analytical, Communication, Decision making, Leadership, Management, Organizational, Problem solving, Team building.
They also value: Ability to work with minimal supervision, Assertiveness, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Friendliness, Imagination, Initiative, Loyalty, Resourcefulness, Willingness to learn.

Be aware that trying to guess what characteristics the employer is looking for and responding accordingly could also be counter productive. Such an approach could result in you getting a job that doesn't suit you.

Whichever approach you decide to adopt, answer as honestly as possible and remember that the selectors will be looking for consistency in your responses.

This information was kindly supplied by recruitment specialists, Lechley Associates.