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Planning Inspectorate

Our main work is the processing of planning and enforcement appeals and holding examinations into development plan documents. We also deal with a wide variety of other planning related casework including listed building consent appeals and advertisement appeals.
The procedures for the various types of casework are described in individual leaflets, which we produce. However, the basic principle is that all parties should be allowed a fair chance to put forward their point of view whether in writing, or at a public hearing.

Where a particular site is involved, it will normally be visited by the Inspector appointed to deal with the case, or by another officer of the Agency (depending on the type of case). All evidence presented will be considered before a decision is made, which will also take published government policy into account.

In 99% of appeal cases the decision is taken by the Inspector; in others the Inspector will prepare a report and make a recommendation to the Secretary of State or the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government.