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Key Organisations

The British Parking Association represents over 700 organisational members from the entireparking and traffic management sector, includinglocal authorities, manufacturers, car park operators, health authorities, universities, airports, railways, shopping centres,bailiffs, construction companies, learning providersand consultants.
The Parking and Traffic Appeals Service provides the independent adjudication service for deciding disputed parking and bus lane penalties charged by Councils and Transport for London (TfL) and congestion charging penalties issued by TfL.
Website produced by the Joint Committee of England and Wales for Parking Enforcement outside London (all the Councils in the civil enforcement scheme) - it provides information about the Councils, and how to deal with parking tickets.
The Traffic Penalty Tribunal decides appeals against parking penalties issued by Civil Enforcement Authorities in England (outside London) and Wales and against bus lane penalties issued by Civil Enforcement Authorities in England (outside London).