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Key Organisations

ATLAS was formed to promote, safeguard, protect and further the common interests of steeplejacking and lightning conductor engineering companies.
The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) is the UK and Ireland's largest and most influential professional lighting association, dedicated solely to excellence in lighting.
The Lighting Industry Association’s mission is to strengthen the industry and promote the benefits of good quality lighting by representing all aspects of UK, EU and international legislation and standards at the highest level whilst protecting the interests of both the public and members.
The Lighting Industry Federation (LIF) is The Trade Association for the Lighting Industry.
PLASA is the lead international membership body for those who supply technologies and services to the event, entertainment and installation industries.
“Having led the field of highway maintenance codes of practice with the production of Well Lit Highways, the UK Lighting Board has an ambitious Business Plan for 2011 and beyond. Energy consumption, the reconsideration of illumination requirements for traffic signs and the importance of accurate lighting inventories for all authorities are all important issues being addressed by the board. Tenacity, diligence and expertise are what the UKLB will be applying to achieve these outcomes”