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Australian Rockfall - Barrierguard prevents disaster

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Crash barriers are designed to save lives but a deployment of BarrierGuard 800 on the Nepean Highway at Frankston, Australia, recently safeguarded the public in a way Highway Care could never have imagined.
A steep retaining wall collapsed, sending tonnes of rock crashing down towards passing traffic on the highway. Thankfully, the BarrierGuard's strong steel construction managed to contain the rock fall, preventing a potential tragedy. The incident was serious enough for southbound lanes to be closed for 24 hours.
Wayne Duckworth, national operations manager for Boylan Group - the barrier's Australian distributor -said the product performed outstandingly.
"We're also delighted at how well the anti-gawk screen stood up to the rock fall," Wayne said. "The screen has been tested against high winds and heavy impacts, so we knew it was strong ... we just didn't realise how strong," he said.
The BarrierGuard 800 is the only barrier in Australia with a fully-tested anti-gawk screen.
For more information visit the Highway Care International website