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County invests in sustainable solution from Siemens

County invests in sustainable solution from Siemens
A major programme to upgrade traffic lights at 78 junctions and 100 pedestrian crossings across Norfolk with new energy-saving LED signals from Siemens is due for completion this month. The retrofit project to supply, install and maintain all 178 sites is estimated to provide up to 78% power consumption and carbon savings for Norfolk County Council (NCC). The new contract includes an innovative cost benefit payback solution provided by Siemens Financial Services.

According to NCC’s Graham Harbord, Team Manager, Intelligent Transport Systems, all new traffic signal installations in Norfolk are equipped with Siemens Extra Low Voltage (ELV) controllers and the benefits extend beyond energy and carbon savings. ‘Without the need to constantly replace lamps, maintenance costs are reduced and with no mains voltage on site every installation is safer. Overall, Norfolk will achieve significant long-term savings, taking into account the traffic management costs to provide and install the ELV equipment, the power and carbon savings as well as the cost to finance the project. ‘Norfolk County Council worked alongside Siemens in identifying sites suitable for LED retrofit head replacement, the number of heads, the number and type of aspects and grouped the locations within the county so that a more efficient delivery programme could be agreed. ‘This joined up approach will reduce the works period, reduces travel and therefore C02 emissions while delivering the project,’ he said.

Richard Brown, Siemens Financial Services explains that the finance facility offered to NCC helped enable the entire project to proceed as the savings generated help make the project ‘self-financing’ and more affordable. This underpinned the accelerated carbon reduction, traffic safety and efficiency programme to proceed with the benefit of improved business case drivers such as payback and return on investment,’ he said.

Norfolk was able to make a part contribution to invest in the project and looked to finance the rest. The scheme offered by Siemens Financial Services was scrutinised by the authority’s finance officers and proved to be a viable option giving acceptable rates of return when taking into account the savings.
Siemens provide Norfolk County Council with a maintenance service as well as new scheme equipment through May Gurney as supply chain partners and the saving in maintenance costs will be realised through this partnership.

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