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New Sign Bollards from Leafield Environmental

Leafield Environmental has introduced Linsign 150, an exciting new range of sign bollards that is thought to be the perfect solution for designating cycle routes or parking spaces and controlling site access or safety.

The Linsign 150 sign bollard is available in a choice of traditional and contemporary styles, coordinating with the already established Heritage and Sentinel bollard designs to suit any street environment,

Manufactured from durable, maintenance free, medium density polyethylene in a wide range of colours, the Linsign 150 will never require painting. It has a double sided sign head for two-way visibility and will incorporates a choice of standard, 150mm diameter roundels, although personalized roundels are available to order.

A Reflex, self-righting variant is also offered that bends on impact, reducing vehicle damage and injury while making the sign bollard fixing less susceptible to impact damage.

The flexibility of the Linsign design provides a variety of bollard formats onto which the sign head sits, including plain, banded, Visibol (multiple bands) and decorative. The Class ref 1 or 2 reflective banding improves visibility substantially, increasing safety in the dark.

1125mm in height, the Linsign 150 can be fixed permanently, with a buried foot, surface mounted or socket fixed for easy removal. A variant with a steel core and anti-ram fixing is also available to help protect structures and deter crime.

Further information from: Katie McGrath… Tel: +44 (0) 1225 816500