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Passive Safe Flexipole Sign System

The Ritherdon Passive Safe FlexiPole Sign System has continued to impress on current trials throughout the UK. The passive safe, fully-collapsible sign system is on trial at a number of locations, with one of the most successful trials being installed for Westminster City Council.

Westminster City Council is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of 206 miles of carriageway, forming one of the busiest road networks anywhere in the world.

Westminster City Council had a particular need for a product that would ensure public safety whilst having a minimal, less-impeding visual effect on its historic surroundings.

RItherdon & Co worked closely with Westminster throughout the design and manufacture process, creating a bespoke minimalistic sign face to reduce the amount of ‘street clutter’.

Dave Franks, Service Development Manager (Public Lighting) for Westminster Council, said:“With regard to the FlexiPole, the city council was searching for a solution that would ensure that public safety is assured while not inflicting a negative impact on historic street scenes.”

“The FlexiPole is currently delivering this requirement and while the trial continues, the product has demonstrated that it potentially can provide a robust, low maintenance, cost effective solution to meet Westminster’s needs.”

The FlexiPole sign system is fully customisable and Ritherdon & Co have the design and production capabilities to offer a number of different sign faces and applications. Tested to be impacted 1000 times at 60mph, the FlexiPole offers a safe, robust and cost-effective alternative to generic sign posts.

For further information on the FlexiPole or any Ritherdon highways product, please do not hesitate tocontact us. Product demonstrations and on-site visits can also be arranged.

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