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Chevron installation made easier!

Ritherdon & Co are dedicated to the developmental improvement of all existing products where possible. As a result, Ritherdon have created the unique and bespoke GroundBox for the RitherdonFlexipole signsystem.

The new Ritherdon GroundBox makes the installation of the FlexiPole sign system for chevrons extremely easy.No plant or machinery required - just a spade. Simply dig a hole for the GroundBox to fit into, refill with the earth removed - so no cement required - and then just screw the FlexiPole chevrons into thedesignated fixing holes.

The result is a safe, secure and robust chevron signpostsystem that is guaranteed to self-return again and again. This means:

  • ONE visit installation
  • NO requirement for plant or machinery
  • NO earth to remove from site
  • NO traffic management headache
  • NO concrete required
  • TIME AND COST effective
  • QUICK AND EASY installation

The Ritherdon FlexiPole sign system isa passively-safe, fully-collapsible, low-level signpost system that is specifically designed to self-return to its original form and positionupon impact. Tested to be impacted 1000 times at 50mph, the Ritherdon FlexiPole signpost system is an ideal innovation for roundabout chevrons.

For further information on the Ritherdon GroundBox , FlexiPole signpost system or any Ritherdon product, please do not hesitate to contact us . To see how quick and easy it is to install the GroundBox, and to see how the GroundBox works, you can watch the following YouTube video .

For the Ritherdon GroundBox information sheet (PDF), please click the following link.