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Speedy shares services with non-profit housing charity

Graduates who were working for Redrow Homes, the renowned UK housing company, have driven a project that saw Speedy Services, the UK’s leading tool hire company, help out a Liverpool based housing charity.

The five graduates were the driving force of the project, transforming a property by sourcing services, equipment and materials as well as getting their hands dirty. The team decorated the interior, landscaped the exterior and rearranged furniture at the unoccupied property at Liverpool Habitat for Humanity (LHfH) in Toxteth.

Speedy provided products to help the team manage the project which was turned into a marketing area for up and coming home owners in the area. Taking just four days, the team took the decision to contact Speedy with a list of products that they would need to carry out the project.

So that they could complete the project quickly, Speedy supplied the list of items which included a cleaner and dryer for the carpets at the home, alloy staging, a pressure washer to improve the outside of the property, and two sets of builders’ steps.

Speedy Asset Services Key Account Manager (Housing), Paul Mabey, said:

“We were able to fulfil all of the Redrow requests from our Liverpool depot at Kirkdale. We also sent a manager down to the site to show the volunteers how to safely use the equipment, and to ensure healthy safety measures were in place.

The Liverpool Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit charity that works to improve Toxteth residents’ quality of life. The area is classed as one of the most deprived UK locations and the charity works withint the community to help build homes for families on low incomes.

Paul also said:

“We were delighted to be involved in this project, which has proved so worthwhile and we sincerely hope that the new site office proves to be a real asset to the charity.”

LHfH is affiliated to, but not funded by, Habitat for Humanity International. As a non-profit organisation, they rely on volunteers to help carry out their projects. They also depend on land donations along with depending on caring companies and individuals in the supply of materials and of course monetary donations.

The organisation works with people in the community to almost help them build their own homes. Families in the area get to work on site for 500 hours, in return for a healthy deposit of £10,000 for their new home.

Executive director for Liverpool Habitat for Humanity, Liza Parry, said:

"This has been fantastic for us. Now we have a clean, attractive and welcoming environment in which we can talk to prospective home owners, take them through the plans and hopefully sign them up to start helping to build their own home.