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£7 million Power Supply Expansion for Speedy

Speedy, the leading provider of rental equipment for the UK, has a unique power division which boasts a remarkable show of power. The most modern generator supply across the UK, Its’ clients can take advantage of the huge £7 million expansion of Speedy’s fleet of power generators; the most efficient in the country.

This new investment is set to increase the company’s power division services in a big way. Offering a further 37 1260kVA units, Speedy can supply customers across the UK and internationally – providing stability for facilities managements during summer when heavy demand on the grid is common.

Speedy’s Brian Cornett, Managing Director of the company’s power division, has said:

“We recognised a gap in the market and a growing demand by our customers that we had previously been unable to meet, which is why we have invested considerably in this new fleet.

“As part of our continual product improvement, innovation and investment programme, our new fleet now puts us in a leading position to provide power for mains failure, peak lopping, grid support and temporary back up on sites.

Brian went on to say that the new units were entirely flexible and that they can offer customers additional power where the mains grid is unable to support them duing peak times.

Speedy can supply tailored project managed solutions which include cabling, installations, step-up transformers, and connection of power in addition to a superior support service giving customers back up when required.

The company has realised the need for their considerable 24/7 product support programme.

The units at Speedy are contained in 20’ ISO containers. They can be started and stopped using an automated system which allows its customers to reduce manpower and costs for fuel.

Brian added: “With the rapidly growing need for power and peak seasonal demands, a MW solution to supplement the local grid can be taken care of exclusively by us, and now that we have a full fleet behind us, our customers will soon be able to reap the rewards of temporary large scale power.”