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Concrete insight from Fugro at UK Concrete Show

Global survey group, Fugro (stand F05), will showcase the latest techniques for assessing, testing and monitoring concrete and built structures throughout their life cycle.

Fugro materials and structures specialists will be advising on cost-effective approaches for determining the condition and construction of buildings, civil infrastructure, industrial floors and industrial facilities.


The group maximises the application of advanced non-destructive investigation (NDI) methods which are fast, accurate and reliable, and can be used during or after construction with minimal damage to the structure or disruption to its users. These methods are combined with exploratory excavation, materials sampling and laboratory testing for supplementary characterisation and analysis beyond the scope of NDI.
Fugro will be focusing on its three core areas of expertise for investigating concrete elements and performance: structural investigation, construction materials testing and structural monitoring.

· Cutting edge ground penetrating radar (GPR), ultrasonics and thermal imaging are among the techniques used by Fugro’s structural investigations team to determine the material thickness and construction of concrete and other building elements. Visitors can find out about the latest non-intrusive methods for detecting hidden features and defects including reinforcement detail, embedded structures, voiding, cracking, delamination, as well as investigating moisture, strength and workmanship issues.

· Fugro offers comprehensive capabilities in construction materials testing, with extensive experience in planning and implementing safe and efficient condition surveys in challenging environments. Intrusive investigation methods are fully integrated with NDI techniques to create cost-effective condition surveys, structural fabric investigation and QA/QC surveys. Led by construction materials consultant, Dr Michael Gray, the team has particular expertise in assessing the structural properties, corrosion and durability of concrete, from installation to end of service life.

· Fugro experts will also be on hand to discuss techniques for remote and local structural monitoring. These range from temporary monitoring during construction periods of particular concern, such as piling or tunnelling works, to long term structural health monitoring.
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