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Instarmac Haver Investment will significantly increase output

Continuing their investment in the latest production technologies, Instarmac, home to the Ultracrete, Ultrascape, Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor brands, have recently installed new machinery that promises a massive increase in their production output…..

Over the Christmas holidays, Instarmac’s production teams worked hard to ensure the installation of the company’s new Haver Roto-Packer and Fanuc Robot went unhindered in time for the new year.

This new technology will mean that this line can pack up to 900-1000 bags per hour compared to 300 with previous production machinery. Their new development also includes an integrated check weigher that will ensure the weight of each bag that runs through the production line.

A Haver Roto-Packer is a rotating machine that packs Instarmac’s powder materials, at a high speed range. This means that products such as mortars, levelling compounds and adhesives can be packed at a higher speed, ensuring increased production levels, for the benefit of all their customers.

This investment comes after very recent developments with their Line 9 production. The installation of a new robot helps to fill and pack plastic bottles – such as Primers and Latex Additives for levelling compounds. This automated part of the line now erects the boxes, lifts the filled bottles into the boxes, seals the boxes and stacks them onto pallets, in the required configurations and quantities. These modifications have meant that the line can be run as a one-man process, freeing a second operative to other production zones.

Instarmac’s new Roto-Packer has the capability of additional filling heads in the future, to further increase production to 1350 bags per hour – which would mean a staggering increase in output.

Alongside the new Roto-Packer, a Fanuc robot has been installed. This high speed palletising robot, servo driven, can stack up to 1440 bags per hour in any configuration required.

Instarmac will continue to invest in their production processes, with employment of the most innovative technology. This kind of investment for the future, will guarantee their customers the best service from this Great Place to Work® and PwC Employer of the Year.

For further details on Instarmac and their range of highway maintenance, pothole repair, paving, tiling and commercial flooring systems, please visit or email