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FM Conway welcomes 2013 with ‘Gold’ award win

Leading infrastructure services and construction company FM Conway has been awarded with a prestigious ‘Gold Zero Waste Award’ from

FM Conway was the only entrant to receive the Gold standard accolade at The Zero Waste Awards, which recognise the initiatives, achievements and progress that companies have made in waste reduction and prevention.

Michael Conway, Chief Executive Officer at FM Conway, said: “This Gold Zero Waste Award is a testament to the commitment to recycling and sustainability. The approach we have taken over the past 20 years has dramatically improved our environmental performance. We will soon achieve zero waste to landfill, which is a fantastic achievement for a construction company.”

In 2012 FM Conway developed an asphalt recovery facility at Erith, Kent. The £10 million investment has enabled FM Conway to operate a ‘closed loop system’ for its asphalt production. This was achieved by using asphalt feed from the company’s highway works in and around London, recovered directly from the roads and transported via the river Thames and accepted at the facility through the on-site wharf, where it is recycled to make new asphalt products.

As a result of £25 million of investment on in-house recycling infrastructure, FM Conway is now able to recycle a wide range of waste arisings, including: 100% of highways arisings, including kerbs, paving, concrete, asphalt, sub-base, sand and granular materials, as well as gully waste and water from cleansing operations. All of FM Conway’s infrastructure has been planned to enable the company to reduce its reliance on virgin materials and recover value from previously landfilled waste arisings.

FM Conway’s zero waste initiatives allow the company to provide its clients, many of whom are London borough councils, with construction products and materials with lower embedded carbon than traditional alternatives, thus improving sustainability.

The award was an excellent start to 2013 for FM Conway and adds to the company’s impressive tally last year, which includes awards from: the Green Organisation, RoSPA, the South East Centre for the Built Environment (SECBE), the British Association of Landscape Architects, a London Transport Award and an Enterprise in Quiet Transport Award from the Noise Abatement Society.