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Stanton Bonna support London 2012

Stanton Bonna support London 2012 flood plains, drains and connecting trains!

Versatile concrete product manufacturers Stanton Bonna played a key role in ensuring the successful staging of the London 2012 Games.

Stanton Bonna have now been awarded a licence by the British Olympic Association to promote their role as official suppliers of precast concrete products (Olympic Venues) to the London 2012 Games. The company can now communicate the extent of their contribution to the once in a lifetime event in London.
The Derbyshire based company supplied five different London 2012 Venues with an eclectic mixture of products. Selected for their strength and sustainability, concrete pipes and manholes, jacking pipes, cable troughs and railway sleepers were all supplied in contracts worth over 1million.

Project specific details include:

Almost 7 kilometres of precast concrete circular pipes together with concrete manholes and manholes were supplied to provide a strong and durable main drainage system under the Olympic Park, Olympic Village and Wetlands Area. Drainage from the Park concourse feeds into ponds to support natural flood plains and a wetland area which will provide a habitat for wildlife.

250 metres of 1200mm diameter jacking pipes were installed for the sewer diversion through the Olympic Village. A further, 1800 metres of 1200mm diameter jacking pipes were supplied to Barhale Construction for the primary sewer under the Main Stadium. Jacking pipes are beneficial where deeper tunnel work is required for trenchless installations of new sewers or drainage under existing road and rail networks. This No Dig solution ensured minimal disruption to other contractors working on the London 2012 construction site and helped to ensure tight deadlines were met.

Over 500 metres of various cable troughs with covers were supplied for the safe channelling of cables around Stratford and the Olympic Park. Installed by McNicholas Construction as part of the Network Utilities contract, some cable troughs included a specially designed locking system to secure the covers and prevent vandalism.

6000 twin block sleepers were supplied to Skanska Grant Rail JV for the Docklands Light Rail (DLR) Stratford extension. These popular sleepers are lightweight and easy to install and have been adopted for many light rail projects including Nottingham Express Transit and Manchester Metrolink.

John Armitt, Chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) highlighted sustainability, safety, employment, training and equality as the five themes of legacy for the London 2012 Games.

Contractors were primarily sourced on the five legacy themes along with integrity and price, and Stanton Bonna ticked all the boxes.

Murray Howitt, Stanton Bonna Commercial Manager, commented To be recognised as official suppliers to the London 2012 Games is a tremendous achievement. We are all proud of what we achieved as Stanton Bonna has been recognised for its sustainable credentials, award winning health and safety achievements and its commitment to product quality and innovation. A great team effort.