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ORACAL® 970 Premium Shift Effect Cast

Exciting new line of car wrapping films:
ORACAL® 970 Premium Shift Effect Cast
At the recent FESPA show in Cologne, ORAFOL introduced a brand new line of premium car wrapping films – ORACAL® 970 Premium Shift Effect Cast. They were shown to the public for the first time at the show.

The new materials are shade shifter films, taking car wrapping to a whole new level. With their colour changing effect depending on which angle you view the material from, it is possible to create really unique looks. The films can be used both for full car wraps and as tuning films to enhance special parts of the car such as hoods, trunks, roofs, door handles, dashboards or rims with a unique effect. This creates an exotic, eye-catching and vivid finish and one which paint simply cannot replicate.

“ORAFOL has for many years been leading the way when it comes to premium graphic films for the car wrapping market, and we aim to listen to the market and come up with solutions to match the market needs,” says Evelyn Zocher, Sales and Marketing Director for ORAFOL’s Graphic Products Division. “We believe the trend for unique specialty films is on the rise, and we are really excited now to have included the first films of this type into our range,” concludes Zocher.

More information about these exciting new wrap films is available on The films are available with both a glossy and matt surface as well as with or without RapidAir®.

For further information please contact Global Marketing Manager, Tina Andersen , phone +45 4576 9222
Uploaded 09/06/2015