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Why active road studs are key...

Why active road studs are key to improving driver experience on British roads

At the recent ‘Future of Road Safety’ Conference held at the University of Salford, Dr Stephen Ladyman spoke to the audience about how active road studs are key to improving the night time driving experience on our roads, and the significant benefits that follow as a result.

passive active stud comparison

In his presentation, he outlined how driver error and poor judgment are the major causal factors in night time road traffic incidents – and that by using active road studs, not only are you improving visibility and awareness of the road layout ahead, you are actually providing a more stimulating driving experience.

This, in turn, reduces driver stress and improves driver alertness.

Dr Ladyman went on to give examples of how in harsh weather conditions with low visibility such as fog, drivers will often tailgate the vehicle immediately ahead of them to give them a false sense of safety – but how this practice often leads to the most tragic road accidents.

Active road studs pierce through the fog, providing much safer lane guidance and delineation of the road ahead, making road users feel more at ease and removing the need for them to feel like they need to stay close to the vehicle ahead.

Making our roads more relaxing, comfortable, and easier for the driver increases driver anticipation of safety risks and this clearly has to be a priority if we want to make a step change in the volume and severity of incidents seen on our roads.

Dr Ladyman closed his presentation by highlighting how active road studs should be seen as much more than just a road safety solution and reiterated how they provide the following benefits:

  • make sound economic sense vs. street lighting and passive road studs
  • make clear environmental sense, eliminating light pollution compared to street lighting
  • make strong political sense, providing highly visible evidence of investment in local roads
  • make robust social sense, altering driver behaviour for the better in that area and delivering a noticeably better driving experience

Active road studs and intelligent road studs are part of our innovative road safety solutions, and form part of our expertise in traffic safety solutions for British roads.

Now is the time to start thinking about those schemes you’d like to implement before the nights start to draw in, so if you’d like to know more about our SolarLite active road studs or how you can deliver a better driving experience for your road users with our expertise and road safety solutions, please get in touch here.
Uploaded 06/07/2015