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WJ Support Kier Health, Safety & Environment Event

WJ were delighted to be invited to support the Area 9 Kier Strategic Highways, first Health, Safety & Environment week in Stafford Park Telford recently.

The event was an outstanding success and presented WJ with a unique opportunity to engage with the entire Area 9 workforce, other supply chain partners and a number of client representatives from Highways England.

WJ concentrated on innovations in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn by their operatives and the substantial progress made in designing out risk with well-engineered safety features on their road marking trucks.

The demonstration screed vehicle was also Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) compliant and WJ highlighted the special features and safety benefits for vulnerable road users.

The last day was designated for the local community and reserved especially for local schools to experience the workings of a highways maintenance depot. The children were able embrace the importance of road safety and many environmental considerations also. The WJ team had great fun showing the children how to mark out horizontal signs with small hand moulds and mineral sand. Should have signed one or two up there and then!

Dave Cassells Kier HSE Manager Area 9 commented I would like to thank WJ for their time, commitment and enthusiasm they dedicated to helping us make our first Health, Safety and Environment Week in Area 9 a real success. They engaged with our workforce, client and stakeholders brilliantly and managed to keep the attention of 70 schoolchildren no mean feat. We look forward to seeing what WJ can bring to the event next year.

WJ a Kier strategic partner for Area 9 is a specialist road marking business dedicated to permanent and temporary road markings, road studs, high friction and safety surfacing, asphalt repair, Hydroblast line removal, average speed cameras, surface preparation and road retexturing.

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Uploaded 08/07/2015