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New inspirational range of outdoor luminaires from Aura Light

Aura Light’s range of inspirational Noral outdoor luminaires can now be explored in its brand new catalogue.

Available to view and download from the company’s website, the 230 page catalogue displays the many high-performance LED solutions for streets, parks, gardens and other exterior lighting schemes from the vast range of products.

These include a collection of stylish street and park luminaires and impact-resistant bollards, as well as many wall and accent lighting alternatives which have all been skilfully designed to complement their settings.
Noral has a strong reputation for providing efficient outdoor luminaires and has been installing high-quality outdoor lighting around the world for over 40 years. In 2010 the company became a part of Zobra, a Swedish lighting manufacturer. The Aura Light Group has recently acquired both companies as an important part of the company’s growth and development in the LED market.

Aura Light has over 80 years of industry experience providing sustainable and high-performance lighting. Its recent expansion into the lighting fixtures market follows from its well-established reputation as a leading lamp manufacturer.

The Noral Outdoor luminaire range forms a part of this expansion introducing an extensive range of high-quality, well designed lighting products combined with the latest and most efficient LED technology, with over 50 alternative solutions for attractive and eco-friendly outdoor public and private lighting schemes.

Within this extensive range are many options for modern and traditional park and street lighting, with various fixture designs suitable for a wide range of applications. The contemporary luminaires take a futuristic design as a stylish and distinctive addition to any landscape and are particularly suitable for urbanised towns, cities or domestic areas.

Alternatively, Aura Light’s range of Noral Traditional park and street lighting takes inspiration from 19th Century pole-mounted gas lamps and lanterns in various detailed styles. The aesthetically pleasing designs are a perfect accompaniment for older public or domestic buildings or vintage landscapes. The characteristic LED luminaires are available in a range of sizes and configurations giving architects, specifiers or customers the flexibility to meet their specific requirements.

The new catalogue also covers a range of Noral Outdoor traditional and modern themed bollard luminaires as a distinctive lighting feature for parks, streets, domestic driveways and many other outdoor lighting schemes. The various designs are all impact resistant and provide good functional light whilst creating a pleasant and decorative ambiance.

Aura Light also introduces a number of accent lighting to the Noral range, which offers the potential to create a dramatic or impactful atmosphere. Designed to be hidden amongst the plants or embedded into the ground, the elegant LED luminaires enhance public and private areas and can be used to highlight designated pathways or areas.

The company has also created a collection of ‘timeless’ wall lighting that can be used anywhere within a landscape. With many alternatives to choose from, the energy efficient LED wall lighting can be used to blend in or stand out amongst its surroundings.

The Noral brand is associated with high quality products which are carefully crafted using cast aluminium and designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. All of the LED fixtures within the Noral Outdoor luminaire range are rated up to IP66 and are protected from corrosion and other environmental damage. This ensures that the luminaires remain fully efficient throughout the year in any application.

The Noral Outdoor Luminaire catalogue can be viewed or downloaded on the company website, or requested for postal delivery. Further information is available from Aura Light on 01952 250800 or by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at
Uploaded 27/08/2015