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WJ Appointed Delivery Partner for 3M Speed Cameras

WJ have been appointed as the delivery partner for 3M Home Office Type Approved (HOTA) speed cameras. The agreement is for the installation of Temporary Automatic Speed Camera systems for the enforcement of mandatory speed limits At Roadworks (TASCAR) within the UK temporary traffic management sector.

According to Brake the road safety charity “it’s essential that legal speed limits are enforced, to ensure people are obeying the law and not putting themselves and others at risk and there is overwhelming evidence that speed cameras are effective in reducing speeds and preventing crashes and casualties”.

The approved 3M speed camera system has already been deployed on permanent applications both here in the UK and abroad and now lends itself ideally for an automated “distance over time” speed enforcement solution. Providing reliable long term operation in a variety of operating environments the camera system is linked through a 3G or GPRS wireless connection to generate full violation records cost effectively.

In collaboration with 3M the installation, set up and maintenance is well supported by an experienced team of engineers, project managers and industry experts in TASCAR. It was an easy decision for 3M to utilise the resources and contracting experience of WJ due to their leading presence and reputation for exceptional service delivery within the temporary traffic management environment.

Martin Tafft, 3M Sales Manager commented “3M is excited about the partnership with WJ in the delivery and management of the 3M Temporary Automatic Speed Camera At Roadworks system throughout the UK. With WJ’s reputation for innovation and quality in road works and their focus on safety, we believe we have found a partner that mirrors 3M’s own vision and priorities. 3M and WJ together have a long term objective of delivering valuable solutions that will keep road workers and road users safe as well as maintain traffic flows.

In the past average speed cameras were used in a minority of UK counties but nowadays they are the favoured choice within motorway roadworks especially where narrow lanes and contraflows affect safety. It is widely accepted that these systems can help manage traffic speeds to protect vulnerable highway workers as well as providing smoother traffic flows.

Martin Webb WJ Group Operations Director stated “3M are a valued strategic partner and we are well positioned to deliver the camera system as part of our temporary road marking operation but more importantly this value added service complements our existing activity confirming the WJ commitment to road safety overall.”

WJ certainly have a vested interest in keeping their operatives safe on site when road marking so this new addition to their portfolio is very good news in more ways than one.

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Uploaded 07/09/2015