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Is positively changing driver behaviour...

Is positively changing driver behaviour more about education and information rather than punishment?
Now, if youíre a cynical motorist (as itís easy to be these days), if youíre asked about how local authorities and road operators work to change driver behaviour for the better, no doubt most people will wax lyrical about safety camera partnerships and police speed checks. But is that really it?

Of course not Ė itís a very one-sided and unfair view.

These days, authorities are having to work harder than ever to come up with fair ways of getting the message across and changing driver behaviour, itís not just about putting up more road signs either or Vehicle Activated Signs that usefully tell you how fast you are driving.

As leading providers of road safety solutions and traffic data solutions, weíve completed a number of ground-breaking projects to transform the UK road network in these areas.

Hereís just a quick snapshot of some of the innovative schemes we have been involved in over the last couple of years that go that bit further, and are aimed at encouraging people to become more aware of their surroundings and adjust their driving behaviour accordingly.

Sheriffhall Roundabout, Edinburgh: an innovative scheme to alleviate lane drifting at this key pinchpoint of the regions road network


A41 Chetwynd: a 2012 HMEA award winning innovative scheme at this staggered junction to decrease the number of collisions and reduce the number of speeding drivers


A78 Fairlie: a recent scheme using VAS and wireless vehicle detection to change phasing on traffic signals to encourage approaching vehicles to slow down through this rural village location where recent tragedy had led to strong calls for additional safety measures

speed detection sep3

All of these schemes share a common theme: providing the driver with advanced information ahead of entering areas where drivers need to take extra care.

If you give the driver advanced warning, that information can help them make better judgements about the best course of action to take, giving them time to adjust their driving and ultimately prevent avoidable accidents Ė saving more lives in the process.

Our commitment to improving road safety hinges upon providing real-time intelligence and information where itís needed to influence driver behaviour and make roads work.

If you have a trouble spot that you would like to discuss with us to see how we can help, get in touch here.
Uploaded 19/10/2015