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What use are all these traffic safety industry bodies?

The traffic safety industry is littered with industry bodies. For the most part, their membership is made up of private companies involved in the supply chain.

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In the old days, they used to be about ensuring compliance and self-regulation of the road safety industry. However, today their role has transformed, and many of these bodies provide vitally-important functions, including:
  • Providing a voice for the industry to influence and guide government policy
  • Promoting innovation and the adoption of new technology within the market
  • Encouraging cross industry idea fertilisation and collaboration
  • Developing professional codes of conduct, providing training and qualifications
  • Active role in developing and promoting standards

As a company, Clearview Traffic Group sees involvement in these traffic safety industry bodies as an important part of our corporate responsibility, especially if we want to see, inspire and effect change and innovation in the industry.

As leading lights in the world of intelligent transport systems, traffic safety, congestion monitoring and traffic data solutions, we’re keen to be proactive rather than just moaning from the side-lines.

To this end, we are actively involved as members of:

Intelligent Transport Systems UK – an association very active in highlighting the benefits that ITS can offer in terms of economic efficiency, transport safety, and environmental benefits to the UK. Clearview Traffic Group regularly engages with the body delivering thought leadership presentations and exhibiting at events and participating in workshops.

Transport Technology Forum – a new body aiming to stimulate investment, innovation and collaboration in the technologies used on UK transport networks. Clearview Traffic Group are a founding member of this new forum, with representation from the highest level of our business in the working groups.

CEN – The European Committee for Standardization is responsible for developing and defining voluntary standards at European level. Clearview Traffic Group takes a key role in this organisation, managing the road stud standards, answering any enquiries regarding compliance with the standards, advising on setting up standards in non-EU countries and chairing the task groups that deal with amendments to the standards.

Retroreflective Equipment Manufacturer’s Association – REMA is the trade association for manufacturers of retro-reflective traffic safety products used mainly on the highway, holding regular dialogue with Government (DfT and Highways England), Standards organisations (BSI and CEN), Enforcers (Police), and Users (Highways Authorities and Public Utilities). Within REMA, a Clearview Traffic Group representative sits on the main council advising members and acting as liaison to the Standards bodies, keeping REMA updated with new requirements from CEN and the UK 509.2 standards committee.

Road Safety Markings Association – The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) represents about 90% of companies involved in the road marking industry. The association provides a base for discussion, training and standards that help to ensure the health and safety of operators and to develop a highly trained, fully-qualified workforce.

British Parking Association – The British Parking Association (BPA) represents organisations in the Parking and Traffic Management Community, including: Equipment Manufacturers, Operators, Local Authorities, Shopping Centres, Train Operators, Healthcare Providers, Universities and many more. The BPA represents, promotes and influences the best interests of the parking and traffic management industries throughout the UK and Europe. As a member, we regularly participate in regional meetings and national conferences.

Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management – ARTSM is a prominent association, aiming to influence technological developments and improve standards in traffic engineering and operations. Making representations to both central and local government, the Department for Transport and other key agencies such as Highways England. It also maintains a presence at major exhibitions and conferences as well as being regular contributors to the technical press. Clearview Traffic Group are active members attending regular events and now have a representative on the Executive Committee.

Not only is it right and proper that we participate in these ways to give something back to the industry, but of course it also benefits us and our customers by ensuring that we keep our finger on the pulse and are aware of the latest developments in the industry.

If you’d like to know more about how Clearview Traffic Group are leading the way in ITS, road safety solutions and traffic data solutions, please get in touch here.
Uploaded 03/12/2015