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New Sudstech paving offers unrivalled porosity

Sudstech is one of the latest porous paving products introduced to the SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions) market, with the impressive ability to transfer up to 50,000 litres of water per square metre per hour.

The highly porous, low-maintenance material is created using sustainable products and is designed to allow the natural infiltration method of the water cycle for an easy and environmentally-friendly drainage system.

Suitable for all private and public applications, including domestic driveways, public footpaths, golf clubs and car parks, Sudstech can be used as an alternative to standard asphalt hard landscaping materials, whilst offering the same aesthetics and durability as some of the most established products in the market, with the added benefit of a cost-effective water management service.
The porous material is created using natural stones sourced in the UK and can be specified in a wide range of colours and finishes, offering a solution to complement or contrast with any architectural colour scheme. The coloured stones are combined with a specially developed resin, which allows rainfall to evenly saturate through the surface into the ground and eventually finding its way to the water course. The material also uses three recycled car tyres per square metre to form the sub base layer of the surface. This not only makes the product an environmentally-friendly solution, but it can also be taken up and reused to form a base layer for future projects.

Sudstech uses varying grades of angular aggregates to deliver maximised strength and durability for a sleek, porous surface that can withstand all usages without compromising the quality of the material. Sudstech is also unaffected by severe weather conditions, with the rubber sub base layer designed to allow any expansion and contraction caused by the constant freeze/thaw process of water within its voids, so eliminating delamination that can occur in other porous paving.

Following many years of research, development and testing, Sudstech conforms to the latest SUDS legislations created alongside the Water Management Act 2010, which requires porous materials to completely prevent surface water run-off and build up. With its large water capacity, Sudstech can contribute to the control of flooding caused by climate change in domestic areas and other environmental impacts of hard paving water build up.

Sudstech has been used for many commercial and domestic schemes, including the new Canary Wharf Crossrail Station’s ‘Living Roof’, as well as sites for the London 2012 Olympics, housing associations, NHS properties, golf courses and landscapes for World Heritage sites.

All applications of Sudstech can be modified to meet each specification requirement, such as colour variation and weight loading capacity and can provide up to 9 BREEAM accreditations. Due to its SUDS compliancy, applications of Sudstech do not require planning permission.

Further information on Sudstech is available from Langford Direct Ltd. on 0161 2121617, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

Uploaded 21/01/2016