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WJ Investment in New Plant and Vehicles Continues

WJ’s continued investment in new plant and vehicles saw the first new road marking truck of 2016 delivered into the Leicestershire contract in January.

The investment and client support is all part of the WJ vision for exceptional service supported by core values of Safety, Delivery, Collaboration and Innovation.

An outstanding quality bid secured the Leicestershire County Council road marking contract for WJ worth £1.5 Million per annum and runs for 2 Years. The up to date safety features, efficiency and the reliability of these new vehicles are demonstrating full commitment to the delivery of the quality elements of the contract.

Chris Green Senior Operations Manager Leicestershire Highways said: “I continue to be impressed by WJ with their investment in modern vehicles and secure employment for local people all exceeding client expectations”

This latest vehicle to roll off the production ramp from WJ’s engineering division is the start of this year’s budgeted spend of £3.3 Million and all part of an overall £13.5 million investment over the last few years,

Mark Fawcett Managing Director of the WJ Engineering Division stated “Because we manufacture all our own vehicles we are in a fortunate position to be responsive and continually design out risk. We proactively ask our own workforce for ideas to improve safety and its sometimes the smallest of changes but over time you can bring about a huge transformation”.

WJ’s progressive and collaborative approach saw them scoop the coveted Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) Health & Safety Award for the second year running.

WJ own and operate over 178 dedicated road marking vehicles and have committed to renew the entire road marking inventory ensuring they always have youngest and most advanced fleet within the industry.

WJ Group is the UK’s leading specialist road marking business dedicated to permanent and temporary road markings, road studs, high friction and safety surfacing, asphalt repair, Hydroblast line removal, surface preparation and retexturing.

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Uploaded 23/02/2016