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How to bottle lightning!

How to bottle lightning! Taking a company’s values and distilling it into a winning Brand
In our previous blog recently, we talked about how we have begun the process of recognising our company’s values, and using these to help rebrand and continue to position Clearview Traffic at the forefront of the ITS marketplace.


We talked about recognising our personality traits as:

  • Pioneering
  • Creative
  • Professional
  • Tenacious
  • Supportive

We’ve also been able to understand through interviews and research that the marketplace is looking for companies like ours to embody certain operating values, in order to add value to their businesses. These are centred around:

Innovation: which isn’t just about new ideas in software or products but it’s also as a state of mind. Solving problems is core to who we are.

Sustainability: we’ve led the way with solar powered road studs and low powered wireless tech and will continue to do so as the industry changes and develops.

Integrity: if we say we will do something, then we will do it. It’s a matter of professional pride.

Collaboration: as the world embraces the internet of things and smart cities continue to develop, then collaboration with our customers and technology partners will remain a central theme to our approach to working and providing solutions.

Insight: the ability to add value through experience, knowledge and intelligent, future thinking solutions is how our customers want us to operate.

People: our not so secret weapon, and the prime source of a continuous improvement and innovation perspective

If you were to take all of the above values and traits, and blend them together we believe that you can distil it all down into one mission statement that will serve us well for years to come:

‘To harness intelligence, inform decisions and influence behaviour, helping people make better journeys’

This encapsulates the way we want to think and approach everything we do over the coming years. And from this, we are ready to define ourselves under a new company name from April onwards.

So keep an eye out for our next blog in this series – as we move towards announcing our new brand and who we will be known as over the coming years. Our leading position as a provider of intelligent transport systems continues onto an exciting new phase. We hope you join us!

Interested to know more about us? Contact us or ring us on +44 (0) 1869 362800, or get in touch here.
Uploaded 10/03/2016