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Clearview Traffic rebrands as Clearview Intelligence

From 4th April 2016 Clearview Traffic Group and its brands, Astucia and Golden River will unite under the single brand of Clearview Intelligence. The new brand capitalises on Clearview’s established position in the market, simplifies the market messaging and introduces a simple brand promise built around a single word: intelligence. Intelligence that is borne from our legacy, our people, our approach, our products and our future.

The new brand identity offers a fresh, contemporary look, complete with new logo, colour palette, website and enhanced messaging.

The new maxim “making journeys work” more accurately reflects the shared vision that we all have for our transport infrastructure. As stated in the new company mission, Clearview Intelligence delivers solutions that “harness intelligence, inform decisions and influence behaviour, helping people make better journeys.”

Solutions that:

  • Improve Predictability;
  • Enhance Safety;
  • Reduce Congestion;
  • Transform Behaviour; and
  • Optimise Parking.

Commenting on the change, Nick Lanigan, Managing Director said “Over the last few years, the global financial challenges have brought with it significant change to our customer base. As a result, our proposition has evolved, offering our customers even greater flexibility in our solutions. We continue to innovate with our core technology, but so too with our thinking, our business models and our approach. So this rebrand celebrates that as a business we have moved away from the traditional OEM model of just selling hardware and associated maintenance services.”

“The new brand recognises that we’re not about products, software or data, we are about intelligence. This recognises that we have transformed into a business that provides solutions to overcome the challenges our customers face in an increasingly demanding and complex market place.”

Wayne Stant, Head of Product and Marketing for Clearview Intelligence added “In developing the new brand, we wanted to be able to build upon the journey we started 10 years ago with the introduction of the Clearview name. Now it’s time reflect the way that customers view us today and the results they have come to expect from us; a creative partner delivering intelligent solutions that make journeys work.”

Wayne continued “Whilst we’ve continued to grow over the past five years, our message was sometimes diluted by maintaining the Clearview brand alongside the proud legacy of Astucia and Golden River brands which have been around for so much longer. So we wanted to create a clearer brand promise that celebrated our uniqueness and deliver new messaging for each of the sectors in which we play to clearly differentiate ourselves in a marketplace where there is a lot of noise and hype around the phrase ‘Smart Cities’ but with very little distinction between each company’s positioning.”

The introduction of the new name and branding will commence on 4th April with the launch of the new website and support advertising will run through the rest of the year.

For further information please contact:

Andrew Rhodes
Marketing Manager
Clearview Intelligence Ltd
T 01869 362863  (effective from April 4th)
Uploaded 01/04/2016