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WJ Collaboration Initiative Commended

WJ recently held their first supply chain seminar to share best practice with their sub-contractors and suppliers and were commended by all for their initiative to proactively address various aspects of safety, in particular, through behavourial safety.

Effective collaboration with supply chain partners requires that any organisation share lessons learnt particularly on safety and efficiency. WJ have set about including the supply chain as an extension of their efforts to achieve a safe, sustainable and continuously improving service for their Clients and the Community.

For some time now WJ have been delivering safety training seminars to challenge their entire workforce to ‘think exceptional’ about their own safety, their colleague’s safety and the safety of vulnerable road users; in fact, to consider the safety of any road user. This latest event was designed to take that challenge to a new level by involving the whole of the WJ supply chain.

This initiative supports exactly the aim from Highways England that ‘no one should be harmed when travelling or working on the road network’.

Wayne Johnston WJ Group Managing Director stated “We recognise the benefits to be gained by engaging with our supply chain as well as our workforce and believe it is essential for consistent delivery of safe and efficient jobs.”

To inspire exceptional thinking the supply chain seminar was facilitated by Professor Damian Hughes, a change management psychologist who helped all delegates to better understand their thought processes and actively embrace behavioural safety improvements.

The delegates heard from Highways England on how important the effective delivery of the strategic road investment is to all. It was explained that collaboration with all of the supply chain is key to delivering safer, free flowing roads and safety was highlighted as being at the centre of the new approach.

In accord with the objectives of Highways England, Main Contractors and Local Authorities, knowing safety improvements will not happen automatically, WJ are continually driving the process by proactively addressing safety risks in innovative ways.
Uploaded 04/04/2016