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Cawood Swing Bridge Weight Restriction Monitoring System

Cawood Swing Bridge Weight Restriction Monitoring System -- Positively Influencing Driver Behaviour

In a speech delivered at the Smarter Travel LIVE! 2016 event in Milton Keynes last month, Andrew Jones MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Department for Transport, stated: "Smart travel is about getting us to think about the transport choices we all make.........making use of new technologies and ideas to keep our towns and cities moving efficiently..... (and) to encourage behavioural change by developing attractive and affordable options".

Facilitating such a change in driver behaviour was at the forefront of a recent project undertaken by Clearview Intelligence on the Cawood swing bridge on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council.

Constructed in 1872, the Cawood swing bridge spans the River Ouse in North Yorkshire and is a Grade II listed building. There is a 7.53t environmental weight restriction in place, in conjunction with an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, to dissuade drivers from contravening the weight limit.

Despite this, the bridge has undergone major structural repair works on several occasions to remedy damage caused through continued use by overweight vehicles. Such repairs are costly and inevitably lead to heavy congestion and traffic delays at this critical river crossing point.

Following assessments of the structural integrity of the bridge in 2015, North Yorkshire County Council concluded that the weight limit needed to be more clearly communicated to drivers in order to encourage them to heed the restrictions.

The Council approached Clearview Intelligence to design a unique replacement system utilising the latest camera and cloud-based software. The new system does not actually weigh vehicles, but instead is based on a 'length of vehicle' trigger threshold, as captured by our M720 Vehicle Count Classifier.

Dual Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are triggered following length classification by the M720, and each trigger event enables images of the offending vehicle to be captured. All images are overlaid with an accurate date and timestamp and only images of those vehicles considered to be in breach of the weight restriction are made available for review by the client. The image system has NAAS certification (Home Office approved National ANPR standards) so offending vehicles can be traced.

There are several benefits to this bespoke system that cannot be offered by traditional Weigh in Motion (WIM) technology. Firstly, length based classification coupled with image capture offers a more cost effective option with less maintenance expenses and allows for accurate image capture. This option is not possible with WIM without the additional of expensive CCTV equipment and monitoring costs.

Secondly, there is an added value for the client in that the system classifies all vehicles crossing the bridge by length and this live data is fed to our Insight data management software platform. This enables the client to access all vehicle data to make it easier to identify the best time to carry out maintenance with minimum disruption to road users, and with maximum safety and efficiency for the workforce.

The solution designed and implemented on the Cawood swing bridge aims to influence the behaviour of drivers of heavy goods vehicles to avoid taking unnecessary risks on the fragile infrastructure of the bridge, and has the added benefits of enabling the smoothing of traffic flows and improving the predictability of journeys.

Delivering the right intelligence to the user facilitates better decision making and really can transform behaviour.

This is a great example of how Clearview can provide an intelligent solution which provides an accurate, reliable and cost-effective way to positively influence the behaviour of road users. We can make journeys easier by improving the choices that underpin each decision.

Visit our Solutions page dedicated to Transforming Behaviour to find out how Clearview Intelligence may be able to help you to positively influence the behaviour of road users.

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Uploaded 21/04/2016