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ORACAL® 970 Premium Wrapping Cast

ORACAL® 970 Premium Wrapping Cast:
Black is no longer just black – new Super Matt version introduced

Darker than the night, softer than velvet – this describes pretty accurately the look and feel you get with the brand new ORACAL® 970 Super Matt from ORAFOL. This new black material will complement the range already consisting of standard matt and glossy finish versions.

“There is a big fashion trend right now for matt black cars; a trend which started in the US already some time ago, and we are now seeing it in Europe as well. The more matt the better – and we have had many requests for a material even more matt than our normal standard. We are therefore delighted now to welcome the new super matt film into our range.”, says Evelyn Zocher, Sales and Marketing Director of ORAFOL’s Graphic Products Division.

The new black super matt film is available in both a standard version and a RapidAir® version.

More information: Tina Andersen, Global Marketing Manager, +45 26169222
Uploaded 01/06/2016