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New business consultancy offers expertise...

New business consultancy offers expertise in organisational change

Former MD and head of OD, who went from start-up to global, launches consultancy to help organisations become more effective

A former managing director and head of organisational development with a multinational geoscience group has founded a new consultancy to support new and expanding organisations through the challenges of start-up, growth, integration and other change.

Cambridge based Koru has been launched by Sam Dods, who has over 20 years' experience in starting, managing, selling and integrating companies ranging from a small start-up to operating companies within a Euronext Amsterdam listed, €2+ billion multinational.

Koru aims to work in partnership with its clients to improve performance, helping them fully understand the organisational challenges they face and supporting the development and implementation of solutions.

Core services include organisational development, business planning, building collaborative leadership and change management in areas such as organisational integration, business process improvement and systems implementation.

As the UK deals with the unknown impacts of BREXIT, Mr Dods believes a motivated and engaged workforce with clear direction and effective systems is as crucial as ever during times of economic uncertainty or, just as challenging, business expansion.

He says: “In my experience the challenges faced by many organisations are the result of a misalignment between their direction, organisational design and culture.

“The key skill in rectifying these issues is to first recognise their existence which can be a challenge when you are working in the business every day. As with all human groupings, including our families, we can sometimes become blind to the dynamics within our organisations and therefore struggle to understand what is going on. And since we are blind to what is going on, we are certainly less able to design or implement solutions.”

With a degree in mining engineering, in 1997 Mr Dods established Aperio, a Cambridge based specialist in non-intrusive ground and structural investigations. As part of the management team he steered the business through rapid growth to its acquisition in 2007 by the global geoscience leader, Fugro.

Latterly, he was head of organisational development at Fugro GeoServices Ltd where he oversaw the integration of several UK operating companies.

For more on Koru go to, email or ring 07860 508060.

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Uploaded 25/08/2016