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WJ Embrace FIR in Construction.

WJ are developing a culture of Fairness Inclusion and Respect (FIR) in Construction to empower their greatest asset; the workforce.

WJ believe that by embracing FIR it is enhancing their core values of Safety, Delivery, Innovation and Collaboration, improving their proposition to clients and making their business a decent, in the true sense of the word, place to work.

The FIR agenda includes promoting equality and diversity and combatting discrimination which is a cultural step change, for some, but rightly expected from the entire construction supply chain.

The National Inclusion Week which starts 26th September 2016 is an annual campaign run by Inclusive Employers to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion in the workplace and the business benefits to having an inclusive culture.

Paul Aldridge WJ South Managing Director commented “Creating a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect in the workplace enables our people to do the best job they can. That, in turn, creates job satisfaction, boosts productivity and benefits the business bottom line.”

WJ had recognised the value of inclusion of their own workforce when developing a process for continuous improvements in safe methods of working.

The innovative system works on a conveyor principal and starts by encouraging all staff to record not just their near misses but importantly other observations and ideas to develop, safety, environmental, technological, welfare, performance and procedural improvement.

By listening to their staff and other stakeholders, WJ have made notable improvements in their operations and the process was endorsed by the Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) with a Health & Safety Innovation of the Year Award.

“Empowering our greatest asset, our people, to collaborate innovatively releases and enhances potential that can take our organisation to new levels. Inclusion is key to activating a collective intelligence which we aim to harness. By aggregating marginal gains, you can translate simple ideas into tangible assets.” continued Paul Aldridge.

WJ’s ethos and approach led them to become actively involved with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. The School has guided them to embrace Fairness, Inclusion and Respect in Construction and helped them to articulate their deeply held view that a culture with these values enables them to meet their needs and those of the clients and the wider highways customer community.

Setting an example, WJ donated a rainbow crossing to TfL in support of campaigns like the ‘Rainbow Laces’ aiming to kick homophobia out of football.

Andrew Fawcett Senior Contracts Manager at WJ South and the WJ Group FIR Ambassador said, “Using FIR in our everyday operations helps us to add value as a collaborative partner for our clientele through a fair, inclusive and respectful culture.”

The FIR project is a joint initiative of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, CITB and CECA and the Toolkit Resource Library contains a range of resources that specifically explain how being a good employer promotes FIR and vice versa.

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