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Highways SIB Road Worker Safety Showcase Revealed

Among its many varied and live demonstrations, next week’s Highways SIB (Seeing is Believing) event will feature an innovative Road Worker Safety Showcase. The objective will be to give visitors first-hand experience of various new products designed to help ensure that operatives and engineers employed to keep our road network maintained will be kept safe themselves.

At any one time, on the strategic road network, there are approximately 3,000 construction workers and 6,000 maintenance workers with traffic volumes of up to 4 million road users on a daily basis and total journeys travelled at 85 billion miles per year. According to Highways England (HE) the average fatality rate for those working on the road network is one of the highest amongst all sectors in the UK. Over the past ten years, 13 service provider workers and 2 Highways England traffic officers have been killed while working on motorways and major A roads in England.

In line with HE’s aim that ‘no one should be harmed when travelling or working on the strategic road network’, WJ Group’s latest innovation – a method of road stud installation designed to remove vulnerable operatives from the carriageway – is a significant leap forward. As part of Highways SIB’s Road Worker Safety Showcase, visitors can witness how the ingenious design of the WJ Guardian system allows the complete road stud installation process to take place, whilst protecting operatives within an integrated safety cell of an 18-ton truck. The demonstration will feature WJ’s new Allux prismatic road stud but the concept can be used for installation of all types of road studs.

Next in the lineup, visitors can jump into Highway Care’s Barrier Transfer Machine (BTM) and experience for themselves how quick it is to move a positive barrier from one lane to another with the QuickChange Moveable Barrier (QMB). Those test driving the machine will be scored and the winner will receive a pair of Hospitality tickets to the 2017 Mini Challenge races. Sponsored by Highway Care, Mini Challenge Champion Charlie Butler Henderson will also be showing off his driving skills by taking a spin on the QMB.

The QMB system comprises a linked ‘chain’ of reactive tension barrier units which can be raised slightly from the road surface and moved across the carriageway by the BTM allowing lane priority changes during roadworks and traffic tidal flows. This will allow better phasing of roadworks and more intensive construction as a result of more construction space being available, thus improving productivity as well as better utilisation of manpower and plant.

As part of the mock road worker site, Highway Care will also feature their portable BarrierGuard 800 as a secure steel barrier in addition to their latest highways innovation, the SOSEC Mobile Highways Access Gate – the first solar powered barrier access gate.

As an apt finish to the Road Worker Safety Showcase, visitors will also be treated to an insightful Road Worker Speed Awareness experience highlighting the vulnerability of road workers and the need to drive at mandatory speed limits through roadworks.

The Road Worker Safety Showcase will take place at Highways SIB – where Seeing is Believing –next week from 9-10 November 2016 at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire. The event is brought to you by Highways Magazine – the UK’s ONE and only magazine dedicated to the highway maintenance and traffic management industry – and Smart Highways Magazine – the UK’s only ITS and advanced traffic management magazine.

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Uploaded 02/11/2016