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Clearview Intelligence awarded DBFO contracts...

Clearview Intelligence awarded DBFO contracts for a further 10 years

Clearview Intelligence has successfully been awarded two new 10-year maintenance contracts by Road Management Services for DBFO (Area) 29 and DBFO (Area) 31.

Under the agreements, Clearview Intelligence are responsible for all Traffic Measuring Equipment (TME) installed on the A1M A419/A417, and associated items related to the maintenance of the traffic counting system, as well as the continuous monitoring and reporting of traffic flows and video verification of the data that is collected.

This is the second occasion, since originally being awarded the DBFO contracts for these areas back in 1996, that Clearview Intelligence (then Golden River Traffic / Clearview Traffic Group) has been re-awarded the contracts for an additional 10 years.

This ongoing success is testament to Clearview’s excellent track record of effectively maintaining and accurately monitoring the routes, ensuring that customer confidence in the traffic data provided by the TME equipment - which is so fundamental to the overall financial management of the DBFO project - is upheld.

Nick Lanigan, Managing Director of Clearview Intelligence said: “We are proud to have successfully been awarded the new maintenance contracts for a further 10 years and we very much look forward to the continuation of our successful partnership with RMS”.

Lee Johnson, Operations Director at RMS stated: “We have established a good working relationship with Clearview Intelligence over the years. We know that we can rely on them to deliver on their contract service levels. They are quick to spot any issues and work effectively to mitigate and resolve any TME related challenges.”

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Rhodes
Marketing Manager
Clearview Intelligence Ltd
T 01869 362863
Uploaded 08/12/2016