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Clearview Intelligence celebrates its re-branding, one year on

One year ago on 4th April 2016 Clearview Intelligence announced to the world a new brand identity, capitalising on Clearview’s established position in the market, simplifying the market messaging and introducing a simple brand promise built around a single word: intelligence.

In the past year Clearview have not only re-branded but have continued to progress and innovate with the solutions it has put in place, Including the six time award winning Sheriffhall Roundabout installation in Edinburgh, with intelligent road studs linked to the green phase of the traffic lights, resulting in a reduction of lane transgression by over 50%.

Clearview have also been busy opening a new R&D facility in Milton Keynes. The ‘Insight Hub’ provides a base for the growing R&D team and is a great central location from where to test and showcase a range of technologies in development. This includes a V3 Insight® data intelligence platform containing a fully-fledged parking occupancy management module that uniquely combines data from multiple sensor sources. Insight as a complete package now enables operators to have full mobile visibility and onward communication of traffic flows, journey times and parking capacity intelligence.

Over the past two years, the team have been working on the SolarLite 2 next generation solar powered road stud. Using the latest LED technology, the new stud is up to 3.5 times brighter than its predecessor offering even greater visibility in all weather conditions. The new stud will be available in the second half of 2017.

There’s also a new Machine Learning Loop Detector (MLLD) available this year. An industry first in introducing machine learning to traffic count and classification applications. The MLLD utilises machine learning to more accurately identify classes with similar characteristics.

Nick Lanigan, MD at Clearview commented “It’s been a perfect year of showing off the many attributes that Clearview has as a business. We’ve continued to innovate in our installed solutions but also kept an eye on the future with new product and application developments that will aid road and parking operators well into the next decade. All in all, the last 12 months have been a busy but truly great year of change and development for the Clearview Intelligence business.”
Uploaded 25/04/2017