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How accurate, reliable intelligence keeps strategic roads...

How accurate, reliable intelligence keeps strategic roads flowing
DBFOs, PFIs, Asset Support Contractors…… there are many ways of building, operating and maintaining the strategic roads infrastructure these days, but a common denominator across these different mechanisms is the requirement for precise and accurate intelligence. Successful, strategic highways service delivery relies on the operator knowing the type of vehicles that are on the route, when and where traffic builds up, and how to manage it to keep people moving.

Clearview Intelligence is proud to be the country’s leading vehicle count and classify solution and service provider. We support many of the UK’s Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) companies with detailed and reliable data on road usage. Our intelligence enables better management of the roads, provides verified evidence for financial purposes and supports operators in meeting the commitments of their contract for any given route.

What is a DBFO?

A DBFO is a form of Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The over-arching aim behind their introduction in the 1990s was to develop a private sector road operating industry that would effectively transform capital procurement by the public sector to a procurement of services, transferring the risks of ownership of the associated asset to the private sector.

Under a DBFO agreement, a private company, or consortium, is contracted to construct, operate and maintain a specified route for an extensive term, typically 30 years. The key benefits of this approach are that it provides an accurate spend profile for a given section of road over the long term, and the private sector drives forward efficiency, cost-savings, and innovation.

DBFO route operators rely on full and precise data from Traffic Monitoring Equipment (TME), detailing the volume and type of traffic using the route, to ensure they continue to meet the terms of their contract. Similarly, other types of road maintenance, renewal and improvement agreements also require exact, verifiable data to enable operators to drive down costs and deliver the highest quality service.

How does Clearview Intelligence support DBFO clients?

Clearview Intelligence supplies a fully managed TME service for 13 DBFO routes in the UK, with responsibility for the installation and maintenance of all TME and associated technology. Additionally, we provide continuous monitoring and reporting of traffic flows, backed up by digital video verification of the traffic data collected.

Working in close collaboration with the client we determine the necessary service levels and can tailor a suitable TME package to meet the needs of a specific DBFO, from basic maintenance packages through to a fully managed data service. We offer access to real-time system status information, immediate fault reporting and swift repairs through agreed contract service levels.

Our expertise and reliability create effective, long-term partnership working with our DBFO clients, and the intelligence we supply informs strategic decisions and smooth operations along the route, with minimal disruption to network users.

As a testament to our commitment and collaborative approach, some of our original DBFO TME contracts have been renewed for substantial periods, such as Sirhowy Enterprise Way, which was extended for a further 22 years in 2012. Others, like the Road Managed Services (RMS Ltd) DBFO Areas 29 and 31 have already been running for over twenty years and have both recently been renewed for a further 10-year term.

In the words of our client at RMS, Lee Johnson – Operations Director:“We’ve established a good working relationship with Clearview Intelligence over the years. We know that we can rely on them to deliver on their contract service levels. They’re quick to spot any issues and work effectively to mitigate and resolve any TME related challenges”.

Innovating to enhance intelligence

Clearview Intelligence is very conscious that a key priority for DBFO companies is the need to evidence exact, full, verified data as this intelligence permits operators to be accurately reimbursed for their investment in build and infrastructure, maintenance, and ongoing road safety improvements.

As James Turner, Head of Operations at Clearview Intelligence, comments:“Technology continues to advance at pace, so to ensure that the quality of the intelligence we supply to our clients remains second-to-none, we are committed to upgrading hardware when appropriate”.

In March 2017, we completed an upgrade of all TME on Area 29 and Area 31 DBFOs for our client, RMS. At the heart of the new system is Clearview’s data management platform, Insight® Count and Classify. This solution not only allows DBFO companies to present the data in a clear and credible way so that financial records can be accurately maintained, it also empowers users to make informed decisions by simplifying the collection, processing, reporting and analysis of essential data

A scalable hosted service, Insight® Count and Classify offers clients the ability to manage roadside devices with ease using the secure web-based interface, the option to analyse and report from multiple sources in a single environment, and a custom dashboard to deliver both historical and real-time information direct to the desktop.

Insight® Count and Classify gathers data from the newly installed M680 Vehicle Counter/Classifier units which are located at each original TME location. The M680s are the latest generation inductive loop based count/classifier and can be configured to monitor a single lane of traffic for car park applications, through to eight-lane motorways. M680’s are precise, reliable and ergonomic, with impressive download rates and rapid response times.

Our innovative technology and professional service help to keep DBFO routes running smoothly and efficiently by reliably providing route operators with the accurate intelligence they need, when they need it.

If you would like to talk to us about how a similar technology package could help you to keep traffic moving and make journeys work better, then contact us.

Uploaded 02/05/2017