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Future proofing your parking management

Whilst location is the prime focus for parking and property professionals, the role of intelligence and communication to inform key decisions on parking matters is vital in getting the most value out of an expensive asset.

Looking to the future, the emergence of electric vehicles, connected and automated vehicles, and the rapidly expanding availability of big data and open data will all leave their mark on the transport landscape and impact on how parking is planned and effectively managed.

At Parking and Property 2017, the over-arching theme is ‘parking and places in the era of connected cars’. It is clear from the programme content that Clearview Intelligence are not the only ones to have identified opportunities for parking solutions providers to engage strategically with a wider market beyond local authorities. This year’s conference focuses on the role of parking across a range of destinations, including retail, airports, hospitals and rail hubs.

How can Clearview help simplify car park management?

In recognition of the importance of optimising parking in specific environments, Clearview Intelligence has published two White Papers dedicated to examining how parking intelligence can help to drive down costs and improve efficiencies for corporate workplace Facilities Managers, and enable retail space operators to improve the visitor experience for their customers, and track consumer habits and dwell time.

Car parking capacity is a valuable asset - the right intelligence, gathered in the right way, informs measures and decisions that promote efficient usage of car parks to the benefit of drivers, operators, and land-owners.

Eliminating the frantic and frustrating search for a space ensures that people arrive at their destination in the best frame of mind - whether they are going to work, shopping, catching a flight or public transport, attending a hospital appointment, or a lecture at a university campus. Our systems will guide them directly to the nearest available space, saving time and fuel, and reducing emissions.

Monitoring parking space availability in real-time and sharing that information directly with your users via strategically placed Variable Message Signs (VMS) in the car park, on the local road network, via mobile apps, or websites gives users advanced information about the choices they can make to complete their journey and guidance as to where they are most likely to get a space quickly and easily.

Insightful data to future proof your car park

We have recently improved our Insight® Parking data management platform to simplify the management, monitoring and analysis of parking assets and to provide a complete solution for all types of parking operators and environments.

Real-time dashboards update instantly on receipt of data from sensors and signs, ensuring that the information presented is always up to date, enabling informed decisions to be made. This data can also feed Vehicle Management Signs (VMS) to provide information to end users. Reports provide day-to-day management information on parking assets, utilising both loop count and bay sensor technologies.

Clearview Intelligence can help to minimise the resources you spend fire-fighting parking problems, maximise your car park capacity, and enhance the facility for employees, customers, or visitors.

Contact us to find out more about we can help you to optimise your parking assets, or you can pre-arrange a convenient time for a chat with one of our Parking Solutions specialists at Parking and Property 2017 on 8thJune by completing the contact form here, or pop along and see us on Stand 3.

Our Retail Parking and Workplace Parking White Papers are available on request.
Uploaded 01/06/2017