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Stars of Safety Systems

In a month that has seen the hottest day in 20 years some incredible innovations and impressive individuals were recognised at the prestigious British Precast Best Practice Awards 2017.

The event was held on Thursday 29 June at the modern Marriot Hotel in Leicester. This annual gathering shines a light on the wonderful work done on a daily basis by people and companies to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace. Awards include those for Health and Safety, Sustainability, Innovation, Project of the year and Outstanding Contribution to Health and Safety.

Chris Taylor, QC and Site Support Technician from Stanton Bonna, won an Outstanding Contribution to Health and Safety for his passion and commitment to safety, particular his initiatives in developing techniques and products that reduce or in some cases eliminates the contractor risks when handling and installing precast concrete products.

Two of the products that Chris has helped develop were also finalists in the Health and Safety category:

Stanton Bonna Probst Gully Hook - designed to reduce risk when lifting, handling and installing a Gully unit. Can be used when Gully is laid down and found to be safer, quicker and easier than traditional methods.

Stanton Bonna Pipe Pusher – designed to eliminate the need for men in the trench during pipe installation. This innovative piece of equipment can be attached to an excavator via a quick coupling system and can be adjusted to the pipe size.

Well done to all the people and companies that submitted entrees to the awards as all deserve a mention for their impressive efforts.

Chris Taylor

With over 30 years’ experience at Stanton Bonna, Chris Taylor has become an expert in spotting the most effective offloading and handling systems for contractors to use onsite. This he gained through his role as Site Support Technician from contractor feedback and his experience onsite, resulting in him researching equipment needed, then modifying existing or design new systems for handling precast concrete.

One of the first changes made was following a conversation with a contractor onsite about people having to climb on top of large diameter pipes to attach lifting anchors. This instigated a change to three cast-in lifting points for large diameter pipes so now the anchors can be attached to the sides so eliminating the need to climb on a ladder on the back of a trailer.

This innovation received a Runner-Up Award in the Engineering Initiatives category at the 2012 MPA Awards.

Following this Chris became a member on a working committee for safe off-loading which helped push forward his ideas. This led to the initial development of the Stanton Bonna Pipe Lifter, the practice of pre-slinging and the creation of the Safe Offloading document which gives multiple options ranked by hierarchy of best practice – available online.

Since then the Pipe Lifter has grown to a family of four to cover all pipe sizes.

The most recent innovations that Chris has helped develop include the ground breaking Pipe Pusher to eliminate contractors going into the trench during pipe jointing and the Gully Hook for transporting Gullies around the site.

He has even been commissioned to work on a range of Pipe Pushers to accommodate not only concrete but ductile iron pipes as request by eight20.

A truly conscientious, innovative inventor for the benefit of construction workers.
Uploaded 31/07/2017