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Explaining more about NatraTex Hard Landscaping

A new animated video on NatraTex explains the versatile and colourful nature of this leading brand of hard landscaping material.

The video has been produced as a creative way of showing the company’s work in residential areas, retail, regeneration and recreation. These include roads, car parks, housing estates and playgrounds.

Hard landscaping is a vital part of any development. The NatraTex asphalt products are divided into two distinctive lines, NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour, and are extremely low maintenance and long lasting.
NatraTex asphalt has been designed and developed to be as straightforward to apply as possible. This great quality has made it popular as it helps to keep projects within the required timescales and budgets.

The parent company’s BituChem logo features widely throughout the video as the camera follows the roads to show the asphalt at work, allowing viewers to see both NatraTex Colour and NatraTex Cotswold as they would appear in reality.

The second half of the video shows how the products are made and then laid at different depths. Each area is scanned over to reveal the variety of depths that are suited to each of the surfaces.

To view the video, visit

The hard-wearing, compact finish of NatraTex has made it a popular choice for businesses all over the country. The asphalt surface course used to create the smooth surfaces reduces the risk of the surface deteriorating, causing potholes and breakages and therefore eliminating any trip hazards.

The materials are supplied to the site hot and can be fully applied in one application at any time of the year. The application is completed using conventional equipment and sets quickly to reduce any road or facility closures. NatraTex’s design team works closely with its customers and tailors the aggregate type to suit the contract specification.

Reel Effects is an animation studio which produces 2D and 3D promotional videos for businesses. The short films are custom made to help clients engage with new and existing customers more effectively by only communicating the most essential information.

Further information is available from BituChem on 01594 826768 or 07584 311266, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at 

Uploaded 02/08/2017