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Clearview Intelligence launches new ROI Calculators...

Clearview Intelligence launches new ROI Calculators for road safety initiatives

Innovative Return on Investment (ROI) Tools empower highways professionals to make the case for road safety initiatives

As firsts of their kind, two free to use ROI calculators have been developed by Clearview Intelligence to assist road safety and network managers in quantifying the benefits of road safety schemes.

Faced with ongoing budget constraints and uncertainty around funding, Clearview recognised that highways professionals were struggling to show the benefit of improving safety on their road network. This is especially worrying given road deaths in the UK have increased recently, following five years of stagnation at around 1,700 deaths per year.

The tools, one for SolarLite Active Road Stud installations and one for combination road safety solutions, use the official costs of accidents from the Department for Transport (DfT) associated with the value of preventing road casualties. These are offset against the installation of a Clearview safety scheme and its anticipated impact in reducing accidents. Considering:

1. Key cost factors including the road type and killed or seriously injured (KSI) reduction targets.

2. The basic cost components of the scheme.

3. A few details about the individual using the tool.

4. The total return on investment broken down into monetary savings and lives saved per annum.

The tools demonstrate how an effective road safety scheme will pay for itself over and over during its lifetime. It also quantifies the potential number of lives saved and injuries prevented and the ensuing social benefits gained by preventing needless tragedy, heartache and disruption to the local communities.

Wayne Stant, Marketing Director, Clearview Intelligence, comments: “Clearview Intelligence are committed to improving the safety of all road users as part of our ambition to make journeys work. Our forty years’ experience of working with network managers has given us a keen understanding of the complexity of managing the road network. Justifying investment in road safety measures in these times has become ever more challenging. With the help of these free, user friendly tools, road safety managers can quickly build a compelling case for road safety investment. Our Solutions Managers are experts in helping to create innovative solutions to these challenges and are on hand to work with you to develop these business case propositions.”

The ROI tools are available here:

Active Road Stud Installation Return on Investment Tool

Road Safety Scheme Return on Investment Tool

Clearview Intelligence have an award-winning pedigree in designing, implementing and maintaining effective solutions that improve road safety. Working closely with road safety and network managers, they develop solutions that enable network managers to closely monitor the effectiveness of these improvements over time and allow them to refine solutions as network demand evolves.

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Rhodes
Marketing Manager
Clearview Intelligence Ltd
T 01869 362863
Uploaded 28/11/2017