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Clearview Intelligence win North East traffic signal tender

As leaders in the provision of alternatives to traditional vehicle detection loop technology, Clearview Intelligence are proud to announce the tender win for Newcastle City Council ITT Schedule 3a – Lot 1. The tender covers the provision of wireless vehicle detection kit, using Clearview’s M100 product range for use on traffic signal controls across not only the city of Newcastle but also the wider North East region including the metropolitan borough of Gateshead.

The tender was issued as Gateshead Council wished to have wireless vehicle detection used on appropriate future traffic signals as this will reduce roadworks and be less invasive on the carriageways, meaning less congestion for local communities and safer working environments for highway engineers.

The tender not only included supply of kit but also provision of training to the council’s installation and maintenance teams. The win has already resulted in the placing of an order for a junction upgrade that is under design with the expectation of further orders throughout 2018 and beyond.

Andy Salotti, Director of Solutions for Clearview commented “It’s great to see councils addressing the issue of congestion across their road networks, whilst being mindful of improving workers safety. The use of technology on our roads is the key to ensuring future generations of road users are not sitting in one large traffic jam”.

Clearview Intelligence’s M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection system is an accurate, easy to install and cost-effective alternative to inductive loops. A small sensor sits is embedded into the centre of the lane and detects vehicles above it using magnetometer readings. It then communicates this information wirelessly to the traffic signals. It is suitable for a range of applications, including traffic signal control systems such as MOVA and SCOOT and for vehicle detection in MIDAS applications.

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Rhodes
Head of Marketing
Clearview Intelligence Ltd
T 01869 362863
Uploaded 05/03/2018