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Charity Work

                                   also supports The Lighthouse Club, the construction industry charity. This organisation is known, recognised and regarded with respect and affection throughout every branch of the construction industry for giving aid and assistance to construction workers and their families who suffer accident or ill health.


Founder & Managing Director of, Susanne Ingham is a North West committee member and is involved with fundraising initiatives and events.  Susanne said " team are very committed to supporting The Lighthouse Club as we know how much fantastic work that they do and the effort they go to in making sure every penny counts" 

Over the years the Fund has distributed well over 7,000,000. Much of the funding for the Benevolent Fund is raised by the functions and social gatherings organised by the Club. Additional help comes from Corporate Sponsors and other sources of generosity. Last year the Fund disbursed in aid nearly 500,000. The Club's and the Fund's officers are all volunteers, thus the fund distributes as direct aid over 95 pence of every pound it receives. A figure unequalled by any charity of its size.

TheRichWorks also supports Disability First. This charitable organisation has been established to provide information and advice to people living with disabilities. Disability First provides an invaluable service, but unfortunately financial support is very limited. Susanne Ingham has been a Trustee of Disability First since 2006.